Refund Policy

Unconditional Refund Policy

When you purchase a Unite Website, add-ons, or Hosting, you are agreeing to pay for our labor and design skills. You may request a refund for any reason within the guidelines below- in fact, we don’t even ask for a reason, unless you want to tell us.

Refund Processing

If you request a refund, your website, content, information, hosting account, and add-ons will be immediately deleted from our accounts. No personal information, company data, or tracking data will remain – it will all be removed.

Requesting Refunds & Timeline

To request a refund, please reach out to your Account Manager/Project Manager – that person will process the request. Your timeline to request a refund is from the moment you place the order until final approval (or launch of the site).

Refund Limitations & Amounts

We put a lot of effort into our websites. The refund amounts reflect that. 

Before Account Creation (Cancelation)
100% refund on all services, websites, and add-ons. If you purchase a website, and the Calendly Integration add-on, your refund will be 100% of what you’ve paid at that point. 

After Account Creation
50% refund on all services, websites, and add-ons. The maximum refund available on just a website purchase at $499 is $249.5. Addons are included in the 50% labor fee. 

After Website Launch
There are no refunds once the website launches. 

Hosting Refunds
As long as you request the hosting refund before launch, it is a 100% refund. All other times, refunds will be issued based on proration. Hosting accounts can be canceled at any time – and will be deleted on or just after the renewal date. 

Refunds on add ons

If you purchase an add-on at sign up, but the add-on is unnecessary for you, or unusable your Account Manager will let you know that Unite feels that you won’t benefit from this. If you agree, we will issue a 100% refund on the add-on. 

All add-ons are eligible for a refund at 100% prior to launch. Once the site launches, there are no refunds available for add-ons.