Rapid delivery

Affordable professional websites delivered in as little as a week

Time and money are equally important in any small business, so we rapidly deploy pre-built custom websites for expediency.

The process is straightforward – send us your content, and we make your website. The faster we receive all the information you want on your new website, the faster we can deploy.

You Own It

Unlike website editors and other DIY website solutions, you own your Unite Website. Transfer it away or host it with us. Either way, there’s no penalties, and no residual costs.


We set page frames – making adding pages on your own, or editing pages easy as can be. And as simple as possible – you can add your own page in a matter of minutes.


All of our frames are customized to match your branding, logo, or color palette. Further customizations are possible.

The Unite Website
No strings attached.

You pay $499 for a professional, nice-looking website. As with every website, you pay to host it, and buy the domain name. There are no other fees, no residual fees, no ads on your dashboard. We don’t push you to buy additional things, and we don’t pay-block you from features.  You have options to grow your site with marketing services as you desire, at your pace. 

Ever expanding options

Pre-built, customized frameworks to fit your needs

We’ve built a gallery of website frames to select from. Fully functional, and honestly beautiful designs that we deploy rapidly to get you up and running. 

Select from a multitude of options for almost any industry from cafe’s and coffeeshops, to custom-retailers, technology companies, bars and restaurants and more. 

Check out our frameworks below.

Ready to get started?

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Our E-Commerce option includes integration of WooCommerce. We handle all the details in setting up, configuring, and customizing to match your template. 


Included Features

Custom Portfolio

Adding a custom portfolio makes your site more informative. Best of all it’s a beautiful integration custom-made for your template. 


Included Features

Custom Sliders

The custom slider is built by us to match your template. We use Slider Revolution as our slider builder. Its fully editable in a drag and drop fashion, and extremely robust to include anything from images, videos and even content within the website. 

Advanced Custom Image Slider

Included Features

Calendly Integration

Appointments + is our solution to appointment setting and restaurant bookings. Both options include a back-end dashboard for management, notifications, and automated emails. 


Restaurant Bookings