What you're buying: Website

When you purchase a Unite Website, you’re buying our design and WordPress configuration services. We’ve pre-built these websites. We deploy them onto a server instance dedicated for your use. You are not buying a license to use the software used to make the website.

What you're buying: Hosting

When you purchase hosting from dorsay hosting company, you’re buying access to use the server for your website. We provide the use of the server and access to support. With dorsay hosting, you also receive our server security. software update service and access to our software through your website. Hosting is required with all Unite Plans, now and in the future. 

Security & Backups

We only provide website security, software updates, and regular backups if you host with Unite Websites. Otherwise, it’s dependent on your host. You may be required to purchase licenses for each software if you’re not hosting with dorsay hosting/Unite. 

GNU Licensing

All of our software is created or purchased under the GNU General Public License. 

Transfer away from Unite Websites

If you decide to move your website away from Unite, you may be required to purchase licenses to all of the software in use on your website. These fees are generally nominal, and recurring, and we’ll help you manage the transfer. 

Ownership of the website

When you purchase a design from Unite Websites, you, your representative, or your company are the sole owners of the design as it relates to the custom content. (Custom content is your words, pictures, and materials used to express you or your company.)


We are not affiliated with WordPress®, Elementor®, or any company or software that we use to make your website.